Texts & Publications:

“Mapping and the Geopolitics of Resource Extraction in Indigenous Territories in the Arctic & Amazon Regions,”
Short Stories Grand Narratives, Tromso Academy Of Landscape and Territorial Studies UiT/AHO, Dec 2016

Drawing contributions for David Grahame Shane’s “A Short History of Hong Kong Malls & Towers,” 
Mall City: Hong Kong’s Dreamworlds of Consumption, by Stefan Al, University of Hawaii Press, 2016

Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, MFA 2016, Exhibition Catalogue Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Gråmølna.
Editor and designers: Aida Miron/Adi Dukic, KiT-NTNU, May 2016

Modern Ecologies: Contemporary Landscapes and Mapping Abstractions in the Americas, KiT-NTNU, May 2016

“Manifesto Of Ideals” published in Slow Manifesto, Lebbeus Woods Blog, Princeton Press, 2015.
First edition published with Lebbeus Woods at the Cooper Union School of Architecture, 2011

Text & Drawings: “A Library Dedicated to the Berlin Book Burning,” 
Open City: Existential Urbanity, Diane Lewis, Charla Publisher, 2015

Text contribution: The Radical and Contagious Ideas of Lebbeus Woods, Hyperallergic, 2014

Text contribution: “The Trace of Here and Now,” Ground Up Journal, Issue 03, 2014

Text contribution & lecture: “Towards the Urbanization of the Jungle,”
MediaCities: Proceedings, University of Buffalo, 2014

Text contribution: “Figures of Becoming,” Nova Organa Journal, 2013

Publication: “John Hejduk and Radical Diagramming,” Le Journal Speciale Z, Paris, 2012

Text and Talk: Team X Berlin: “An Uncompromising Architecture,” with Sven Eggers, Aedes, 2012

Text contribution: “Mumbai Window,” 1:1 Journal, Berlin, 2009

Text contribution: “The Aporia of Forgetting,” for Symposium: Non-Stop History: Kuldiga/Riga with Buro Schwimmer, 2007
[German translation by Sven Eggers: Die Ausweglosigkeit des Vergessens]

Project: Berlin Refugee Spaces, Designing Coexistence Catalogue, Parallel Cases IABR@RDM, Open City, 2009

“John Hejduk 1954-1974: The Evolution of Form from the Nine Square Grid to the Wall House,” Master Thesis. Book I & II, ETSAB-Barcelona, 2008

Publication: “Berlin Refugee Spaces,” Transnational Spaces,  Bauhaus, Jovis Berlin, 2006